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Washington County

With 582,000 residents, more than 30% of whom are people of color, Washington County is the second largest and second most diverse county in Oregon. The Human Resources Division, recognizing that their employee diversity did not mirror that of the county, approached me for assistance with a multicultural workforce recruitment project. After an in-depth audit of existing marketing materials and county demographics, I produced a report with recommendations for recruiting and retaining diverse employees through an equity lens, focusing on creating a more inclusive environment. I also developed messaging and marketing concepts for the county to implement in a new recruitment campaign.

SPCA International

SPCA International is a global organization dedicated to advancing the safety and well-being of animals. I managed email marketing reaching more than a quarter of a million people around the world each month with fundraising emails and newsletters. During my time working with SPCAI, their email marketing platform ceased operations; I helped the organization select an alternate platform, develop new templates and drip campaigns, and ensure that their audience never stopped receiving important updates.

Oregon Public Health Institute

The Oregon Public Health Institute is a nonprofit leader in building vibrant and healthy communities throughout Oregon, promoting equitable, health-positive policies. When their team needed help sending out a year-end newsletter on short notice, I stepped in to create a new mobile-responsive template, copyedit stories, and get the update in the hands of OPHI’s audience.

Felicita Monteblanco for THPRD

Felicita Monteblanco was a welcoming force when I moved to Portland. Her Latinx Social Hour + Learning Component gatherings bring together smart, talented Latinos to discuss and take action on important issues. It came as no surprise when she announced that she was running for a seat on the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD) board. I was proud to design lawn signs pro bono for her successful campaign.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez for Metro Council

Juan Carlos Gonzalez is a first-generation American who ran for Oregon Metro Council District 4 in 2018. He was born and raised in the district and dedicated to giving back to the community that raised him. When he asked me to design a campaign canvassing handout, I immediately said yes. When Juan won the election, he became Oregon Metro's youngest and first Latino Councilor.

Jack and Jill Portland Willamette Valley Chapter

Jack and Jill Portland Willamette Valley Chapter is a membership organization of mothers dedicated to nurturing future African-American leaders by strengthening children through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving and civic duty. When the chapter relaunched in 2017, I designed a postcard to highlight the chapter’s new website and programs.