Design Challenge Day 11: Pencil Sketch Drawing Effect in Photoshop

Pencil Sketch Drawing Effect in Photoshop

Similarly to the last week when I needed to finish two tutorials in one day, I looked for a quick video that would teach me something I hadn't tried before. Spoon Graphics came to the rescue with a Photoshop tutorial on how to create a pencil sketch drawing effect in under four minutes!

The Process

The first step is creating a copy of the background layer and clicking on Image>Adjustments>Invert. This layer is converted to a Smart Object, then a Gaussian Blur is added and the blending mode is changed to Color Dodge. A Levels adjustment layer and Black & White adjustment layer are added. After adding a layer snapshot, it's time to play with the Glowing Edges filter. A final layer filled with white is added and a Sandstone texturizer is added before this layer's blending mode is changed to Multiply.

The original and edited versions of my project image

The original and edited versions of my project image

The Presentation

This was a straightforward presentation, explained clearly. However, you need to begin the process with a studio-style portrait on a solid white background. (I found one fairly quickly on Pixabay.) I attempted it with a non-white background and it didn't turn out very well, though the effect is something I'd like to try with different types of images.


I'm starting to get a better feel on how various blending modes impact an image. (This particular tutorial uses Color Dodge and Multiply.) I also love being able to hide a layer or an effect to see how the image looks as a result. I've done that before in Photoshop, but in the course of a tutorial, it really helps me see what each step does to change the final result.