Design Challenge Day 4: Image in Text Effect

Three image in text Adobe Software Tutorials in one!

Day 4 was a fun one! I found a tutorial that covered not one, not two, but THREE Adobe Creative Cloud apps! This tutorial from TastyTuts showed how to create the same image in text effect in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

What's the Same, What's Different

I absolutely loved this tutorial. It was awesome to learn the different methods on the three pieces of software I use most frequently. There are actually substantive differences (and similarities) between the methods: for instance, in Photoshop and Illustrator, the text must be white to create this effect. In Photoshop. you cannot edit the text once you've created the mask for the effect, but in Illustrator and InDesign, you can edit the text. Actually, in InDesign, there are two methods you can use - one of which doesn't allow the text to be edited. I appreciated being shown both, as I'd previously viewed a short tutorial that only showed the second method.

The Presentation

Gareth David is an excellent teacher. He has a patient manner and thoughtfully explains each aspect of the tutorial at the beginning of each session. He provided assets to follow along with the tutorial, each in both complete and incomplete forms, to best explain how to recreate the process. Still, it was a lot to take in during a single sitting - I have the feeling I'll be referring back to this tutorial until I really get the hang of the differences in each app.


Seeing the three sections of the tutorial side-by-side reinforced that despite all three apps being part of the same suite, there are major differences that I need to work to fully understand. It drives me crazy sometimes that I can't do all of the same things across Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. (Don't even get me started on learning all of the damn shortcuts.) However, given that each one has different functions, I'm trying to accept it and just focus on learning.

It's not even been a week, but I've already learned a lot and am excited about tomorrow!