Design Challenge Day 12: Creating an Animated GIF in Photoshop

Creating an Animated GIF in Photoshop

I've had a busy day, so I was on the lookout for another quick tutorial. Fortunately, Adobe Creative Cloud's YouTube channel has an entire series of tutorials under sixty seconds each. This one of course caught my eye immediately - I adore calaveras and who doesn't want to create animated GIF? 

The Process

This tutorial obviously had someone skilled at illustration, because the drawing was repeated multiple times and still looked the same. As for me, I created my initial image and then duplicated it, editing each layer to add or remove elements.

Once you have about ten layers or so, go to Window>Timeline and select Create Frame Animation. From your options menu, choose Make Frames From layers, then set it to loop Forever. Click play to see your animated GIF! I played with the timing on each frame to get the look I wanted.

The Presentation

These mini-tutorials from Adobe Creative Cloud are part of a series called Make It Now. They're great because they're all under a minute each! Each step is shown on screen, but there's no narration. However, there are step by step instructions included in the video description - and they even include practice files. This means you can follow along with clear instructions without having to turn off Spotify. I really love this approach and look forward to checking out the entire series. 


Creating animated GIFs is awesome! I want to do this a million times. I probably need to work on my drawing skills first.