Why I Tell My Clients to Use Google's G Suite

Why G Suite Is Great for Businesses

Google Apps recently rebranded as G Suite, a name that better reflects their full range of services to support businesses. I always recommend G Suite to clients - here's why.

1) Custom email: Having a branded email is good for business. It indicates a level of professionalism and investment in your business that builds trust among potential customers. Your custom email address is even compatible with Microsoft Outlook.

2) Google Drive: I love Google Drive. You can easily share documents and collaborate in real time. You can view documents without buying extra software, as a wide range of file types are supported and can be viewed on your desktop or mobile device on Google Drive viewer.  Also, does your business need forms or customer surveys? Google Forms makes it easy to create, share, and review feedback - all through Google Drive.

3) Google Calendar: Seriously, Google Calendar rocks. It's easy to schedule group meetings, create custom calendars (hello, personal life), and even create appointment slots you can publish to the web. Also, can I tell you a secret? I took the default Calendar app off my iPhone to use Google Calendar instead. That's how much I love it.

4) Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is awesome. Video calls with up to 25 people? Yes, please. But it's not just video calls - you can use Hangouts to make voice calls and, if you have Google Voice, you can also send texts. (Google Voice is another one of my favorite things ever.)

If you're not already using G Suite, start your 30-day free trial to check it out and see what it can do for your business.