Change is good.

Mixto Communications logo - 2016

After a little more than a year in business, the time has come to refresh the Mixto Communications logo and website. The changes you see are a labor of love.

In Spanish, mixto means mixed. As a business name, it has two meanings. The first comes from the professional side of my life: I've long specialized in mixing traditional and innovative ideas in projects. The second meaning is an acknowledgement of my daughter's mixed race heritage. I don't know if I would have started Mixto Communications without her. I started this business in part to better balance work and family, so it's fitting that the name reflects both parts of my life.

The redesigned logo features two fonts: YWFT Pello and Mostra Nuova. I designed it to express my personal identity as a Mexican-American, choosing vibrant colors that reminded me of a my maternal grandmother's home, along with one of my mother's favorite flowers, the marigold. I love that the marigold is so important in Latino culture; it's been used to honor the dead since Aztec times.

I'm also making changes to the website, some of which are yet to be completed. The first, of course, is this blog, where I can share projects and ideas as Mixto Communications continues to grow. Another is the "what we do" section. Over the past year, I've worked on a number of exciting and interesting projects with clients from widely varied sectors. Each one has allowed me to learn more about myself and the type of work I truly love and excel at doing. This has made me more selective about projects, allowing me to bring skilled expertise and wholehearted joy to my work. It's also helped me realize I'm ready to bring in partners to collaborate on projects, something that will provide opportunities to work with fellow entrepreneurs.

I'm excited about these changes and what 2016 will bring. Thanks for your support of Mixto Communications!