Carmelita Community Health

Carmelita Community Health branding + website sample

Project: Branding + Website

I met Karla Morgan not long after moving to Portland, Oregon. She was in the process of launching a naturopathic practice and was seeking guidance on choosing a name, developing branding, and building a website.

I coached Karla through this process, working first to identify a meaningful name for her new venture. We spoke about her life, from her early years to health issues as an adult that led to her decision to become a naturopath. She was greatly influenced by her grandfather and his grandmother Carmelita, an herbalist with a beautiful garden in Mexico. These memories and connections led us to the name for her practice that would honor her roots: Carmelita Community Health.

Karla also wanted her logo to reflect her cultural ties. I developed a design with subtle elements reflecting her Mexican heritage and experience learning from Oaxacan healers. For her website and business cards, I selected a neutral, earthy color palette.

Carmelita Community Health launched in in 2016 and provides Mayan abdominal massage and other traditional treatments. Karla continues to train in new fields and expand her practice offerings.

Carmelita Community Health - inspiration and color palette