CALCRA website sample

Project: Website + Copywriting

The California Continuing Care Residents Association (CALCRA) represents residents of Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRCs. A CCRC is a community for individuals age 62 or older that includes independent living options as well as assisted living and skilled nursing care, giving residents the ability to stay within the same community as their needs change. The organization’s membership and leadership is comprised of current CCRC residents.

CALCRA president Margaret Griffin initially contacted me about using social media for member communications. Previously, there was an online forum integrated into their WordPress website, but it had proved difficult for members to access and use. After discussing CALCRA’s needs and current use of technology, I suggested a survey to gauge how members learned about the organization, whether they were on social media, and what changes they would like to see to communications. The results showed that most members were not using social media and would prefer to have an updated website with an e-newsletter option.

To begin, we focused our collaboration on simplifying the website’s navigation and clarifying the content. I provided copywriting services to rewrite CALCRA’s existing content and develop new content based on member feedback. During this process, the board made a decision to move forward with a complete website redesign. The main goal was to improve the experience of website visitors, comprised mainly of CALCRA members who are older adults.

Given the specific needs of an aging audience, it was important to increase readability. To begin, I chose clean fonts and a color palette inspired by blue skies over the state flower, the California poppy. My proposed design simplified navigation, added generous white space, and increased the font size throughout. The new website launched to positive reviews from CALCRA members, citing the clarity, readability, and ease of navigation. I continue to work with CALCRA on communications projects.

CALCRA homepage screenshot
CALCRA About page screenshot