arana consulting

Arana Consulting branding sample

Project: Branding + Professional Bio

Arana Consulting, based in Portland, provides research, analysis, policy, and strategy development services to nonprofits focused on improving racial justice, equity, and access in all areas. Founder Claudia Arana Colen has more than twenty years of public policy and strategy experience with expertise in the fields of public health, racial equity, social justice, food policy, and community development.

When she was ready to launch her consulting firm, Claudia turned to me to create her branding, design business cards, and develop her professional bio. She wanted a clean, modern logo that reflected her Peruvian-Colombian heritage.

I chose rich, earthy colors and used Daidalos, a multiline font, for her logo and branding. I drew inspiration from pre-Colombian art, Peruvian tapestries, Nazca lines, and even modern sculptures by Alexander Calder.

To develop her professional bio, we sat down for an in-depth discussion of her background, education, and career. During this process, my goal to get to the heart of Claudia’s story — learning not just her career highlights, but gaining an understanding of her passion and purpose. From our conversation, I developed a narrative of her personal and professional experiences that illustrate why she is an invaluable asset to social justice and racial equity work in the Northwest.

Arana Consulting - inspiration and color palette